Velcro® Suspension System

The velcro® suspension system is a method used by many museums and private collectors to hang sturdy antique and modern … Continued

Pin Couching

This message is in response to Ann Lane’s query about mounting quilts. About 15+ years ago, I developed a technique … Continued

Magnets for Exhibition Mounting

From: Shirley Ellis <shirleye> Date: Friday, October 31, 2008 Metta Humle Jorgensen <mette.humle [at] natmus__dk> writes Has anyone used magnets/magnetic … Continued

Making a Small Coat

Northeast Feltmakers Guild, April 17, 2010 This program is meant to be a sharing of experience among the Guild members. … Continued

Two-layer Felted Flower

Nan Travers, NanMade For a two layer felted flower you need 3 inner and 4 outer petals. Basically, nature has … Continued

Drum Carding Basics

Distinguishing Features Ratio – how many times the lickerin turns for each revolution of the main drum The higher the … Continued