Amended Bylaws – November, 2015

Article 1. Name

The name of this organization is the Northeast Feltmakers Guild (“Guild”). The Guild is a non-profit, volunteer organization.

Article 2. Aims and Objectives

The Guild’s aims and objectives are:

  1. To provide educational opportunities for members through speakers, workshops and any other activity related to felt making.
  2. To encourage an exchange of ideas and information through activities offered at meetings and through a Guild website; and
  3. To educate the public through members’ exhibits.

Article 3. Membership

  1. Membership is open to all persons interested in or actively engaged in feltmaking. Members will be encourage to take an active role in the Guild and Guild activities, by volunteering for open positions and attending meetings and workshops.
  2. Members in good standing are those who have paid their annual dues as required on or by the first meeting in April, at which point their name will be added to the Yahoo list and the Guild website.
  3. Privileges include the right to vote, hold offices, enter work in Guild exhibits, attend meetings, apply to participate in the annual Guild workshop, and have a listing on the NEFG website.
  4. Guild member contact information will be posted on the members only section of the Guild website and will be used for Guild- related and will be used for Guild-related information only.

Article 4. Business Year and Meetings

The Guild’s business year is April 1 – March 31.

  1. There will be three regular meetings a year to take place in the months of April, August, and November. The meeting dates will be scheduled two years in advance by the Board.

Article 5. Officers

  1. The Officers of the Guild are President, Vice President/Program Coordinator, Workshop Coordinator, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Coordinator The term of office shall be for two years. Each term starts in April following the November election.
  2. The Nominating Committee will present candidates to the member- ship at the November meeting.
  3. Following the November meeting, voting will be done by poll online on the Yahoo site, unless there is only one nominee in which case the position will be filled by acclamation. The candidate with the highest number of voles at the end of a 15-day on line voting period will be elected.
  4. It is the intent that in the interim between election (November) and assuming office (April) the officers elected will work with current officers to understand the responsibilities of the office.
  5. If the President becomes unable to complete the term, the Vice President will move into the position of President without an election. If the Vice President is unable to complete the term as President, an election will be held as described in Paragraph 3 of this Article.
  6. The office of President may be shared by two persons as Co-Presidents.

Article 6. Duties of Officers

1. The President will:

  1. prepare agenda for all meetings and preside at all meetings.
  2. facilitate regularly scheduled communications among all other officers.
  3. maintain regular contact with all committees to determine progress on designated tasks.
  4. be a co-moderator of the Yahoo Site.
  5. be co-signatory of the Guild checkbook with the Treasurer.

2. The Vice/President/Program Coordinator will:

  1. conduct the business portion of the general meetings in the absence of the President.

    establish the meeting locations, in consultation with different members who are interested in hosting and can provide or locate appropriate meeting venues.

  2. coordinate programs for the regular meetings in consultation with the meeting hosts, program committee and and guild members.
  3. after consulting with hosts about logistics (location, timing, etc.) will post all relevant information online in a timely fashion.

3. The Secretary will

  1. record all minutes of regular meetings and Board meetings. This will include noting all decisions made and tasks to be carried out, noting the names of relevant members who have agreed to undertake the tasks, and a time-line for each one.
  2. post minutes online within 2-3 weeks of the meeting.
  3. Prepare any correspondence that does not related specifically to the responsibility of another officer.
  4. In the event the secretary is unable to attend a meeting, she is responsible for finding a substitute in advance of the meeting.

4. The Treasurer will:

  1. collect all dues and funds made available to the Guild and deposit them to the Guild account in a timely manner.
  2. pay all Guild bills in a timely manner.
  3. maintain current financial records in an electronic format accessible by Guild officers and members.
  4. work with other Board members to develop an annual Guild budget.
  5. monitor Guild income and expenses to assure adherence to that budget.
  6. obtain approval of two other officers before paying any expense under $200 not previously budgeted.
  7. obtain approval before paying any expense over $200 not previously budgeted from:
    1. a majority of the membership present at a regularly scheduled Guild meeting, or
    2. a majority of members who vote online when the proposed expense has been posted and votes accepted on the Yahoo site for 10 days.
    3. provide financial reports outlining income, expenses and balances at all Guild meetings.

5. The Membership Coordinator will:

  1. respond via email to membership and general inquiries about the Guild received via the Guild website and any other source, outlining procedure for paying membership dues, and expectations of members.
  2. process new memberships including notifying new members of the necessity of having a Yahoo account, adding new members to the Guild’s Yahoo group, and providing contact information on new members to the Webmaster’s office who will then contact them with log-in information and instructions for posting their profiles on the Guild website.
  3. respond to members’ questions and technology access issues.
  4. review renewals and dropouts, coordinate records with the Treasurer to assure that membership records correspond with dues deposited to the Guild account, and update individuals’ access to the Yahoo group and the website.
  5. keep updates membership lists and provide updated reports to Board members and general membership as requested.

6. The Workshop Coordinator will:

  1. create, maintain and update a list of possible instructors for the annual Guild workshop by soliciting suggestions from member- ship and consulting other sources.
  2. research instructor availability and cost.
  3. choose the instructor, with approval from the Board.
  4. solicit a host for each locations where a workshop will be held. (Hosts will be responsible for logistical aspects including workshop venue, housing of instructor, etc.).
  5. present all data regarding dates, locations, and costs to membership and will set up a system for receiving enrollment requests including creating a lottery if necessary.

Article 7. Standing Committees and Roles

  1. The Program Committee will assist the Vice-President in suggestng and organizing activities for regularly scheduled meetings.
  2. The Exhibition Committee will plan and organize exhibits on a bi-annual basis.
  3. The Nominating Committee will consist of three volunteer members. Their responsibility will be to prepare a written list of all nominees for an election.
  4. The Webmaster will update and maintain the Guild website.
  5. The Northeast Feltmakers Guild Yahoo Groups Site Coordinator will:
  6. be responsible for renewal of the Guild website domain ( registration as needed.
  7. add as moderators to the Yahoo site any new officers who requires his access, and provide any necessary training re this role.
  8. assist as needed with members’ utilization of the Yahoo site.

Article 8. Order of Business

The following order of business will normally be used for all regular Guild meetings where the members are physically present, but may be changed by the presiding
officer to conform to the needs of the group.

1. Meeting called to order
2. Approval of minutes
3. Reports of officers and committees
4. Old business
5. New business
6. Adjournment

Article 9. Amendment of By-laws

1. These by-laws may be amended by a two-thirds majority of the members

  1. present at a regularly scheduled Guild meeting, or
  2. who vote on-line when the proposed amendments have been posted and votes accepted on the Yahoo site for 30 days.

2. During a Guild meeting, when discussing a non-Bylaws item, a quorum will consist of a two-thirds majority vote of the members:

  1. A. present a regularly scheduled Guild meeting; OR
  2. B. if the item is deemed important to the entire membership it will be posted to the Yahoo site for 30 days. Members will be encouraged to enter into a discussion before voting.


Article 3, item 2 – Change in dues to coincide with the fiscal year rather than the calendar year. Voted in April 2011.

Article 9, item 2 – definition of quorum for non-bylaws items. Voted in August 2, 2011.

8/3/14 Guild established a Board position: Program Coordinator. Motion approved.

11/12/14 Members voted to change the title of “Program Coordinator” to “Workshop Coordinator” to better describe the position.