Two-layer Felted Flower

Nan Travers, NanMade

  1. For a two layer felted flower you need 3 inner and 4 outer petals. Basically, nature has an odd number of petals, so it doesn’t matter what you start with as long as the outer layer is always one more than the inner layer.
  2. I made a shape drawing on my plastic sheet. I laid out the wool in three layers of base color and a top layer for the back side of the petal. I then embellished the inside layer with patterns of color. As a result the petal has 4 complete layers and one decorative layer.
  3. Once laid out, gently felt the top 3/5ths of the petal. Repeat this for all the petals, leaving the squared end unfelted so it can be used to attach the petals. I found that felting the edged well was important before joining the pieces.
  4. Place the inner petals together in a circle and use plastic pieces in between petals to keep separated during the felting process. Make sure that the plastic separates what you don’t want to felt together, but doesn’t separate the lower part, which you do want to felt together.
  5. Place more plastic pieces around the outer part of this inner layer of petals. Gently roll the unfelted bottom-part of the petals together. If you need to, lightly wet this to make it roll together better since the whole unit will be hard to keep together at this stage. If you need to, put a plastic twist around the bundle to keep it together until you start the felting process.
  6. Place the outer layer around the inner layer. Place pieces of plastic inbetween outer layer petals to keep them separated. You can remove the plastic twist and use around outer layer to hold together while you begin the felting process. Gently roll the loose wool at the bottom of the flower together to create the base, around which a stem will go.
  7. Add a stem. Take wool for the stem and roll together, leaving the unpointed end unrolled to use to attach to the flower body.
  8. Felting the flower. Wet the flower enough to get the parts that are to felt together but you don’t need to have the separated sections very wet. When you go to felt down the flower, these petals can be wetter. Wrap the flower in a cloth and begin rolling very gently in one direction about 50 times. Repeat with rewrapping and rolling in the other direction, but still parallel to the flower. This should be enough to have the unit holding together. Proceed with normal felting processes. At the point that the petals are starting to felt down, remove the plastic so you can start shaping in between rolling. Continue until flower is 50% or less its original size and is holding the shape well.