Materials: Interactive Installation; Custom Graphics and Sound Code; Machine Knitted, Surface Manipulated and Felted Fiber Structures; 7-Channel Audio; Depth Camera; Live-Radio; Field Recordings
Year: 2019-2021
Dimensions: 15 x 15 feet; 40 inches x 60 inches x 5.5-7 feet

Inspired by bioluminescent fish & the plethora of invisible network traffic that surrounds us. Graphical portals open showing invisible network communications traversing the space. Field recordings are interlaced with shortwave radio recordings.

Luciferins makes our networks perceptible when they are imperceptible. The infrastructure that facilitates communication remains hidden. Body movement makes Luciferins’ perceptible; enabling one to see invisible activity that surrounds them—just as a swimmer makes a dwelling of sea sparkle appear by swimming through it.

To see video documentation of the work (as it’s an interactive and dynamically changing piece), please visit: